July 24, 2016 || Back To School Finds

Hey Y'all!

Laughing at myself for putting this in the fashion section because I look anything but fashionable when I am heading to my 7:30 AM lectures. However, this section of my blog has absolutely nothing in it. So enjoy my {fashionable} finds for when I am running around campus in the next few weeks!

Comfy Sweater || For those 7:30 AM Lectures & (Late} Study Sessions

Why I love it: It is perfect to throw on for early morning classes or when you are studying late in the library. It is also an upgrade from your usual sorority tshirt while still being as comfy!

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Sneakers || When you are {not} going to work out

Why I love it: You can pair them with some yoga pants in a t-shirt, or dress them up with skinny jeans and your fave top when you want to try a little bit more for class.

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Birkenstocks || For those {long & hot} walks to class

Why I love them: Because I am a 60 year old woman trapped in a 21 year old's body {really though} and they do not make my back hurt when I do a marathon around campus.

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Warby Parker Glasses || When you want to look {studious}



Why I love them: Warby Parker prides themselves on being affordable and they do just that with all of their glasses while looking cute!

Buy Me Here >>>> https://www.warbyparker.com/

Swell Bottle || To keep you hydrated {and they are freaking cute}

Why I love them: I love love love swell bottles. Really though, I have three. They keep your water super cold and they really are the cutest water bottles ever! {Bonus! their biggest bottle holds a whole bottle of wine}

Buy Me Here >>>> http://www.swellbottle.com/

Lululemon Shorts || Cause who actually wears jeans to class? {or at all}


Why I love them: Lululemon shorts last me forever! I ditched my nikes a year or two ago because I feel that I can easily dress up my lululemon shorts aka I look more presentable. Lululemon has the best bottoms and I literally wear them everywhere.

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