Spin With Whit: What I Wear + Bring

Hi, Loves!


Alright y'all. I am {slowly} starting to get back into the swing of things of work + school + trying to have a social life. Since I have had an increase in the frequency I am teaching spin classes, I have also had an increase in new students excited and ready to get their sweat on! A lot of my friends + new students have been asking a bunch of spin related questions so I thought let's just start a spin series. Hence ... Spin With Whit is born! Today I am sharing what I wear and bring to my spin classes. Enjoy!

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Lululemon Fast & Free tights are my absolute favorite for teaching and taking spin. They literally hold everything in {without suffocating me} and the sweat rolls right off. My favorite part is that these pants do not pill, at all. Yes, ladies. This is what I live for.

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The swiftly tech racerback is my go to tank for class because after spin I love to sauna after. These tanks are breathable and extremely light {and bonus they do not hold odor or any of that gross stuff}. 

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I honestly can wear any sports bra and be just fine going to take or teach a class because I was not exactly blessed in that department ... but if I had to choose a fave this would be it! Not much to say but that it holds my girls just fine.

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After a class, I normally do some weight training so I typically wear some sneakers to the gym. I also advise wearing any shoe that does not have a super flexible to spin class if you are not wearing spin shoes! I personally bring spin shoes too, but details on that will come in a later post.

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Always, Always bring a towel to your workout! I internally cringe every time a student walks in my class without one and when I don't have one to give them. Spin is extremely up beat and in my class, we jump up and down so often the handle bars can become slippery. Do not forget a towel to wipe off during and after your workout.

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Lastly, and most importantly do not forget a water bottle! I love this one from Lululemon where I can put cold and hot drinks in it!


I hope you all enjoyed the kick off for Spin With Whit! I am so excited to share one of my passions with y'all on Whit and Wit! Below I have included more clothing items and accessories that I think would be perfect for spin class. If you can not tell I am a Lululemon fanatic because of the quality of their products. I also am part of their Sweat Collective which is a community of fitness influencers. 

Comment below what you would like to see next on Spin With Whit!

With Love, Whit