"Last {week} I took ... sometime off to myself ... but this week I bounce back."

-An intellectual, Big Sean

-An even bigger intellectual, Me

Hi, Loves!

This week I am sharing with you all my BOUNCE BACK routine. Am I the only person who feels like they need a vacation after a vacation? Sometimes when I force myself to kick back and relax I find myself in a weird funk of wanting to be productive but feeling overwhelmed because I feel so behind. Here is my little *routine* for shaking that feeling off and kicking myself back on that #girlboss hustle.

Unload + Tidy Up || Get Your House In Order

First things first, the second I put my bags down I begin unpacking. I do not give myself time to even think about laying down and putting it off. Tidying up and doing your laundry is KEY to being productive for me. I also love to throw on my Young Living diffuser with whatever oil blend I am feeling while cleaning. When my house is in order, it is MUCH easier to focus. So, I hurry up and unpack, clean, go through the mail, make a grocery list, etc. Get it together, girl!

Pro Tip: Set a timer {30 minutes} and try to get as much done as possible within that time frame without distractions!

Refresh + Revitalize || Treat Yo' Self

After getting some work in, I love to throw on a face mask and to sit down and have a glass of tea while I start to plan out what I need to do. I have linked some of my favorite face masks below. However, I am LOVING the 10-minute miracle mask by origins. It is perfect when coming back from a trip where you may have over indulged {hey its okay!} and your skin is kind of thrown off by it. I personally leave it on for over 10 minutes but when I take it off its like I have new skin.


Jump Back In || Workout

When doing as stated above, this is also a good time to schedule your workout classes for the week. I am saying, classes, because I normally lack in motivation in actually going to the gym. A great way to combat this is to sign up for group fitness classes. When you sign up ahead of time for the whole week you have a clear picture of what to accomplish that week!

Hydrate + Nurture || H2O + Vitamins

After eating a ton of stuff I do not typically eat and drinking way more than I usually drink {hey its vacation for a reason, right?} my body is in a bit of a funk. I make an extra effort to drink even more water and to get back on track with my vitamins. Another thing I love to do is run over to the Big Squeezy {a local juice bar in Baton Rouge} and grab an Immunity Booster shot or/and Wheat Grass shot. Something to get me going. I love wellness shots, and they give you that boost of vitamins you need!

With Love, Whit