Night Time Routine {Boujee Edition}

Hi, Loves!

My days are a bit long since I am a full-time student + intern + spin instructor. Once I finally crawl my way back to my bed I am ready to unwind and dive into some me time. In this post, I will be sharing with you all the little things I do leading up to getting my zzz's in that ensure I will have a productive day the next day! {Now queue Bad and Boujee by Migos.}

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Do Homework Right Away

If my professor's assign me homework or if something is due the next day that is the first thing I do before changing into PJ's and going about my winding down routine. I feel it is best to knock out all the work first so when you can really take some time to yourself before hitting your pillow.

Put On Something That Make's You Feel Good

Ok so my friends and my roommate (@thebrunchdiaries) make fun of me for this but I love to get in comfy AND cute pajamas. I have attached some of my favorite ones at the end of this article. Call me crazy, but when it just makes me feel good about myself. If a t-shirt and boy shorts make you feel good wear them, but for me personally, I love myself a good nightie.

Set the Mood

My roommate and I love our essential oils! Young Living and Saje are my favorites! After a long day, I typically put a blend of lavender and peppermint in my diffuser while I am getting ready for bed. Aromatherapy really works people! We also love our *mood lighting* {aka Christmas lights hung up in our room because we are #basic} so we turn off all the lights and turn those bad boyz on.

Take Care of Your Skin

I still religiously do my whole skincare routine that I blogged about here {click it}, but now I added a new little gadget into the mix ... a jade roller! I will go more into the benefits of jade rolling into another post but all in all it really makes sure you get the most out of your skincare products. Then, I do some type of body lotion all over too {your legs and arms need love too}.

Take Care of Your Self

Lastly, before I cuddle up into bed I pour myself some hot tea {Yogi Tea Detox and Bedtime are 10/10}, spray on an oil blend {Saje has the best night time one}, and read. I am really into self-help books {plz don't judge me, k?}. Reading really helps me fall asleep faster and is way better than looking at your phone before going to sleep. After reading, I turn on my sound machine {idk it puts out white noise} and peace out.

Below I have linked some of my favorite products and lounge wear for winding down! What is your must-have item and/or to do to get yourself ready for bed?

With Love, Whit



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