Make Your 2019 Health & Wellness Goals Stick

Photo Credits // Gabrielle Sophia Photography + Tread BR

Photo Credits // Gabrielle Sophia Photography + Tread BR

Call me a psychic, but I am guessing you are reading this because you made a New Years resolution somewhere along the lines of improving your overall health and wellness {or you have been eyeing Kayla Itsines’s and Jen Selter’s Instagram a little too much}. Regardless, you have decided that 2019 is YOUR YEAR and you really are going to start taking your health and wellness regimens seriously. I could easily write a post telling you to drink more water or to throw away all of your junk-food. But, let's be honest, when it is 6:00 AM and your alarm clock is going off, me telling you to drink more water isn’t going to get you out of bed to head to a place you didn’t like enough last year {or the year before that … and that} to continuously keep going to. Instead, I am going to share with you my tips to how I hold myself accountable & how I have managed to make the gym a place I look forward to!


    You can do this in two ways, group fitness classes or scheduling just plain ole’ vanilla gym time. I am a huge fan of group fitness classes if you consider yourself the flakey friend when it comes to your relationship between you and the gym. I get it, group fitness classes can be a bit scary, but scheduling a class will help in holding you accountable {because no one wants to pay a late cancellation fee on top of the class cost, right?}.  If classes are not your forte, try scheduling it into your week. One of my fave ways to hold myself accountable is to write when I am working out in my planner and to block off time in my Google calendar! I always try to keep in mind the time to travel to my workout and back, and I make sure to schedule that time as well!


    Scheduling your workout leads me to my next tip … find yourself a workout partner! I use my Google calendar to pretty much plan out my whole life, and scheduling my workout time is no different than scheduling a meeting for work. I send workout time invites to my workout pals and write down what we are doing in the notes section, so we all know what to expect!


    Nothing is worse than going to the gym and looking around at all of the equipment {and the super pretty girl going HAM in her matching gym shark set} thinking where the h3ll do you start. There is also nothing worse for your wallet then rolling up at the grocery store and saying forget it and reaching for the *lean hot pockets* because you forgot to put together a grocery list. One of my tips to avoid this is to create a system where you can organize workout plans and recipes that look appealing to you! I follow a TON of Instagram fitness peeps {you are lying if you don’t}. I love saving specific workouts and recipes into folders and referencing them later.


    There is a lot of crap out there on the internet {groundbreaking information obviously}. I try to be mindful about what content I am in consuming and social media can either motivate you to go to the gym or go to the Taco Bell drive-thru {I love me a good Baja Freeze okay…}. That being said, follow influencers and your peers {!!!} that inspire you & use them as resources for your growth {dm them and ask questions, they were new at all of this at one point too!}.


    Obviously not a real push gift, but you know something that symbolizes your commitment to your health and wellness journey! This could be a new pair of leggings {Lululemon fast & free leggings are my fave for the gym!} or a killer set {Ultracor has some funky ones!}. I suggest erring on the side of getting yourself a water bottle to use everyday {here is where the drink more water talk comes in}, an Apple watch if you got the $$$, or a simple piece of jewelry {think of something you can use every day!}. I’m not saying you have to drop a bunch of cash, but buy something that can serve as an everyday reminder of the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year.

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