Oops I Disappeared Again

To my loyal followers {aka hey mom!},

It’s been awhile since I have been able to sit down behind my computer and just pour out what has been going on lately. When I last blogged I told everyone I would start posting regularly again after my small hiatus {obviously I was getting ahead of myself and you are about to know why!}.  After my last blog post, I was thrown a bunch of new opportunities … and let's be real though I never say no to any opportunity to put in some work. I took on 19 hours in my engineering courses, started preparing for the CAPM {Certified Associate in Project Management}, embraced TWO new Vice President positions, started training to be a spin instructor, and I landed my DREAM internship as a technology consultant intern. My plate was and has been pretty full and while I was doing all of those things to enrich my future I fell victim of not taking care of myself and by that I mean my soul.

I was so wrapped up in my daily routine of WORK WORK WORK that I forgot to LIVE. So here I am sitting behind my computer screen telling all of you {ok just you @mom} that I am setting the intention to do what is important to me {outside of work, outside of school, outside of student organizations} and that is nurturing the girl who wanted to start this blog and why. A year ago I started this to connect with people my age who were feeling like they were “adulting” wrong and I wanted to help them with what I have gathered from learning how to grow up fast at a young age. With the help of lots of prayer and some girl boss podcasts, I realized why I was feeling unfulfilled and I was constantly searching for new jobs and projects. I realized that I have a hunger to motivate and work with people, but my current jobs weren’t fulfilling that. After late night brainstorming with my #1 fan @hilarie, I came to the decision that I needed an addition to my little place on the Internet. This is what led me {one} starting this blog again + {two} starting my own personal consulting business.

So if you look up to the top right corner I made a new addition to WhitandWit.com and I am now offering personal consulting. I’m not going to lie, it took me awhile to take the plunge and start this up. I was so focused on what could go wrong {people will think I am a fake, it would be unsuccessful, etc} that I did not focus on what could go RIGHT. Since my true passion is working with people and motivating them I was able to take that fear filter off and am happy to get to work on something that makes me happy and nurtures my soul. I believe there is no greater payoff/deliverable/feeling than seeing someone reach his or her goals. So check it out let me know what you think and as of today, WhitandWit.com will be up and running with its sweet new addition!



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