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If you are like me then you are prob saying to yourself that when school starts you are going to put down the canes fries and sauce get back on track and get FIT. Today I am bringing you 5 must-haves that are great for those who are getting back on track, just starting, or the very few of us who are still going at it!

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 10.45.01 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 10.47.30 AM.png
    WHY ITS A MUST HAVE: You look like you are trying when you didn't #winning

    WHY ITS A MUST HAVE: It's 2018. STOP. USING. PLASTIC. & it's cute.

    WHY ITS A MUST HAVE: When you are running to class after a workout you won't get side-eye from your peers for looking a #wreck & it smells yummy.

    WHY ITS A MUST HAVE: It doesn't have to be apple {shoutout to my sweet boyfriend for buying me this because #brokecollegekid} but something about these little rings motivates me. When I had my FitBit the little firework show when you completed a goal motivated me too! It also holds a sense of accountability when your friends can see if you worked out or not.

What are your must-haves for the gym & in between work-class life? Comment them down below so I can check them out!

Xoxo, Whit

Photos are done by the beautiful @GiSoPhoto {Follow her on Instagram if you are reading this!}

Night Time Routine {Boujee Edition}

Hi, Loves!

My days are a bit long since I am a full-time student + intern + spin instructor. Once I finally crawl my way back to my bed I am ready to unwind and dive into some me time. In this post, I will be sharing with you all the little things I do leading up to getting my zzz's in that ensure I will have a productive day the next day! {Now queue Bad and Boujee by Migos.}

Night Time Routine.png

Do Homework Right Away

If my professor's assign me homework or if something is due the next day that is the first thing I do before changing into PJ's and going about my winding down routine. I feel it is best to knock out all the work first so when you can really take some time to yourself before hitting your pillow.

Put On Something That Make's You Feel Good

Ok so my friends and my roommate (@thebrunchdiaries) make fun of me for this but I love to get in comfy AND cute pajamas. I have attached some of my favorite ones at the end of this article. Call me crazy, but when it just makes me feel good about myself. If a t-shirt and boy shorts make you feel good wear them, but for me personally, I love myself a good nightie.

Set the Mood

My roommate and I love our essential oils! Young Living and Saje are my favorites! After a long day, I typically put a blend of lavender and peppermint in my diffuser while I am getting ready for bed. Aromatherapy really works people! We also love our *mood lighting* {aka Christmas lights hung up in our room because we are #basic} so we turn off all the lights and turn those bad boyz on.

Take Care of Your Skin

I still religiously do my whole skincare routine that I blogged about here {click it}, but now I added a new little gadget into the mix ... a jade roller! I will go more into the benefits of jade rolling into another post but all in all it really makes sure you get the most out of your skincare products. Then, I do some type of body lotion all over too {your legs and arms need love too}.

Take Care of Your Self

Lastly, before I cuddle up into bed I pour myself some hot tea {Yogi Tea Detox and Bedtime are 10/10}, spray on an oil blend {Saje has the best night time one}, and read. I am really into self-help books {plz don't judge me, k?}. Reading really helps me fall asleep faster and is way better than looking at your phone before going to sleep. After reading, I turn on my sound machine {idk it puts out white noise} and peace out.

Below I have linked some of my favorite products and lounge wear for winding down! What is your must-have item and/or to do to get yourself ready for bed?

With Love, Whit



Spin With Whit: What I Wear + Bring

Hi, Loves!

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 2.14.44 PM.png

Alright y'all. I am {slowly} starting to get back into the swing of things of work + school + trying to have a social life. Since I have had an increase in the frequency I am teaching spin classes, I have also had an increase in new students excited and ready to get their sweat on! A lot of my friends + new students have been asking a bunch of spin related questions so I thought let's just start a spin series. Hence ... Spin With Whit is born! Today I am sharing what I wear and bring to my spin classes. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 1.14.45 PM.png

Lululemon Fast & Free tights are my absolute favorite for teaching and taking spin. They literally hold everything in {without suffocating me} and the sweat rolls right off. My favorite part is that these pants do not pill, at all. Yes, ladies. This is what I live for.

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 1.19.31 PM.png

The swiftly tech racerback is my go to tank for class because after spin I love to sauna after. These tanks are breathable and extremely light {and bonus they do not hold odor or any of that gross stuff}. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 1.28.28 PM.png

I honestly can wear any sports bra and be just fine going to take or teach a class because I was not exactly blessed in that department ... but if I had to choose a fave this would be it! Not much to say but that it holds my girls just fine.

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 1.36.00 PM.png

After a class, I normally do some weight training so I typically wear some sneakers to the gym. I also advise wearing any shoe that does not have a super flexible to spin class if you are not wearing spin shoes! I personally bring spin shoes too, but details on that will come in a later post.

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 1.42.59 PM.png

Always, Always bring a towel to your workout! I internally cringe every time a student walks in my class without one and when I don't have one to give them. Spin is extremely up beat and in my class, we jump up and down so often the handle bars can become slippery. Do not forget a towel to wipe off during and after your workout.

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 1.43.37 PM.png

Lastly, and most importantly do not forget a water bottle! I love this one from Lululemon where I can put cold and hot drinks in it!


I hope you all enjoyed the kick off for Spin With Whit! I am so excited to share one of my passions with y'all on Whit and Wit! Below I have included more clothing items and accessories that I think would be perfect for spin class. If you can not tell I am a Lululemon fanatic because of the quality of their products. I also am part of their Sweat Collective which is a community of fitness influencers. 

Comment below what you would like to see next on Spin With Whit!

With Love, Whit

Life Lately > August Recap

Hi, Loves!

Silence is officially over! WOOHOO! For those who are my loyal followers {@mom} I have been MIA from my blog due to participating in silence for sorority recruitment. Here is a little life lately update on what I have been up to!

88 Sweet New BABES // VP of Recruitment OUT

Wrapping up fall recruitment has been bitter sweet for me. Sweet because I finally get to go to bed before 3 AM and Bitter because I will not see my outstanding recruitment team everyday. I am so proud of these ladies for helping me recruit 88 beautiful + smart new members!

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 8.15.13 PM.png

Summer Internship // AKA I Am A GROWN Woman

This summer I was given the opportunity to work as a Technology Consultant Intern for Emergent Method + Deloitte. While my full time status has come to an end, I am still continuing part time for the semester. I have learned so much this summer about consulting that will definitely be an asset to my personal consulting services offered here on Whit & Wit! 



SO excited to be teaching more this summer for my regulars at the UREC. Enjoy this post workout + super awkward pic of me on my bike looking real cute.

WHIT & WIT // What's To Come

New semester = New Ideas = New Content . Expect more "how to be a functional young adult" type posts. Post college life is approaching super fast for me {I start my senior year tomorrow} if you would have told me four years ago I would have made it this far into engineering {I struggled in high school chem y'all} I would have laughed at you. You can expect some more self reflection and advice posts coming y'all's way! Comment below any other things you would like to see!


With Love,





Delta Zeta Room Tour

Hey Loves!

This week has been a hectic one with preparing for recruitment and moving back into the Delta Zeta house. I am so happy to finally be settled in and am looking forward to spending my senior year in the house. 

I gave my room an upgrade for sure and splurged on a few items for my new space that I can see myself utilizing next year when I have to get a big girl place. After doing a quick little room tour over on my Instagram {@whitandwit}, I got an overwhelming amount of people sliding in my DMs asking for me to spill the tea on where I got everything. So here ya' go!

This year I was really going for some *free people* vibes. I wanted my room to have the boho free spirited feel why still remaining clean and relaxing looking! I opted for a lot of neutrals because they are easy for me to incorporate in any of my future homes.

Ballin' On A Budget? || Achieving The Look For Less

My biggest tip is to hit up sales! I purchased my big pieces {Anthroplogie Blanket and Pillow} during their home decor sale. Keep an eye out for sales and snag it when it is marked down! Home Goods is also always my go to. I purchased my baskets from there for super cheap. As for curtains, do something simple. You can not go wrong with white! I got mine from Wal-Mart! As for small decor, most of my knick knack decor {and bedding basics} are from Target. {Pro-Tip: Target price matches their sales online in store} My last tip would be to invest {time or $$$} on something that really brings your room together. It is pretty obvious mine is the tassel hanging above my bed {etsy has a ton OR DIY if you are feeling crafty} and my big round mirror that I added to really open up my tiny space {from Target}.

I hope y'all enjoyed this short and sweet post! What is your go to tip when decorating a small space? Comment down below!

With Love, Whit


"Last {week} I took ... sometime off to myself ... but this week I bounce back."

-An intellectual, Big Sean

-An even bigger intellectual, Me

Hi, Loves!

This week I am sharing with you all my BOUNCE BACK routine. Am I the only person who feels like they need a vacation after a vacation? Sometimes when I force myself to kick back and relax I find myself in a weird funk of wanting to be productive but feeling overwhelmed because I feel so behind. Here is my little *routine* for shaking that feeling off and kicking myself back on that #girlboss hustle.

Unload + Tidy Up || Get Your House In Order

First things first, the second I put my bags down I begin unpacking. I do not give myself time to even think about laying down and putting it off. Tidying up and doing your laundry is KEY to being productive for me. I also love to throw on my Young Living diffuser with whatever oil blend I am feeling while cleaning. When my house is in order, it is MUCH easier to focus. So, I hurry up and unpack, clean, go through the mail, make a grocery list, etc. Get it together, girl!

Pro Tip: Set a timer {30 minutes} and try to get as much done as possible within that time frame without distractions!

Refresh + Revitalize || Treat Yo' Self

After getting some work in, I love to throw on a face mask and to sit down and have a glass of tea while I start to plan out what I need to do. I have linked some of my favorite face masks below. However, I am LOVING the 10-minute miracle mask by origins. It is perfect when coming back from a trip where you may have over indulged {hey its okay!} and your skin is kind of thrown off by it. I personally leave it on for over 10 minutes but when I take it off its like I have new skin.


Jump Back In || Workout

When doing as stated above, this is also a good time to schedule your workout classes for the week. I am saying, classes, because I normally lack in motivation in actually going to the gym. A great way to combat this is to sign up for group fitness classes. When you sign up ahead of time for the whole week you have a clear picture of what to accomplish that week!

Hydrate + Nurture || H2O + Vitamins

After eating a ton of stuff I do not typically eat and drinking way more than I usually drink {hey its vacation for a reason, right?} my body is in a bit of a funk. I make an extra effort to drink even more water and to get back on track with my vitamins. Another thing I love to do is run over to the Big Squeezy {a local juice bar in Baton Rouge} and grab an Immunity Booster shot or/and Wheat Grass shot. Something to get me going. I love wellness shots, and they give you that boost of vitamins you need!

With Love, Whit

Oops I Disappeared Again

To my loyal followers {aka hey mom!},

It’s been awhile since I have been able to sit down behind my computer and just pour out what has been going on lately. When I last blogged I told everyone I would start posting regularly again after my small hiatus {obviously I was getting ahead of myself and you are about to know why!}.  After my last blog post, I was thrown a bunch of new opportunities … and let's be real though I never say no to any opportunity to put in some work. I took on 19 hours in my engineering courses, started preparing for the CAPM {Certified Associate in Project Management}, embraced TWO new Vice President positions, started training to be a spin instructor, and I landed my DREAM internship as a technology consultant intern. My plate was and has been pretty full and while I was doing all of those things to enrich my future I fell victim of not taking care of myself and by that I mean my soul.

I was so wrapped up in my daily routine of WORK WORK WORK that I forgot to LIVE. So here I am sitting behind my computer screen telling all of you {ok just you @mom} that I am setting the intention to do what is important to me {outside of work, outside of school, outside of student organizations} and that is nurturing the girl who wanted to start this blog and why. A year ago I started this to connect with people my age who were feeling like they were “adulting” wrong and I wanted to help them with what I have gathered from learning how to grow up fast at a young age. With the help of lots of prayer and some girl boss podcasts, I realized why I was feeling unfulfilled and I was constantly searching for new jobs and projects. I realized that I have a hunger to motivate and work with people, but my current jobs weren’t fulfilling that. After late night brainstorming with my #1 fan @hilarie, I came to the decision that I needed an addition to my little place on the Internet. This is what led me {one} starting this blog again + {two} starting my own personal consulting business.

So if you look up to the top right corner I made a new addition to WhitandWit.com and I am now offering personal consulting. I’m not going to lie, it took me awhile to take the plunge and start this up. I was so focused on what could go wrong {people will think I am a fake, it would be unsuccessful, etc} that I did not focus on what could go RIGHT. Since my true passion is working with people and motivating them I was able to take that fear filter off and am happy to get to work on something that makes me happy and nurtures my soul. I believe there is no greater payoff/deliverable/feeling than seeing someone reach his or her goals. So check it out let me know what you think and as of today, WhitandWit.com will be up and running with its sweet new addition!



September 1, 2016 || Where I've Been

Hey Y’all!

Long time no post, I know. I have been crazy busy with recruitment {aka I cannot post on any type of social media} and getting settled in Baton Rouge. But, there is a silver lining {pun intended with this awful weather in BR} and I will be able to start posting regularly again starting next week once recruitment is over! I have been working on new content, and am excited to be back with my artsy friends that can help me provide fun and helpful posts for y’all!

End of Summer || Finishing my Internship and Summer classes

I was super blessed to work for the MCC Group this summer! I was definitely challenged {and pushed outside my comfort zone to drive in crazy New Orleans traffic}. I then wrapped up my summer class, and aced it! Woohoo! I highly recommend taking summer classes to anyone who has not; they are 10x easier from my experience. It feels awesome to accomplish all of my summer goals {Including this blog in general}

Callin’ Baton Rouge || Moving back into the Delta Zeta house

So most of my absenteeism, has been due to recruitment and getting settled back in Baton Rouge for my junior year at LSU. I am so excited to be reunited with my best friends, and to get back to my school routine. Below I have a sneak peak of my room {I will be posting a room tour soon}.


What’s Coming Up || New content & When I will be posting

My goal this semester is to post at least once a week for you all! I am taking 18 hours this semester, working, and hold a position on my sorority’s executive board. However, I am optimistic that my hectic schedule will just help me come up with more content!

Xoxo, Whit

Know Your Worth

This summer I spent a lot of time reflecting on the person I have developed into as a whole. I asked myself if I thought I was kind, hardworking, compassionate, and evaluated what areas I felt I could work in. This past week, I hung out with an old friend  and she was telling me that she thought a good person is someone who is always pushing and wanting to be better, and I could not agree more. That comment rang in my head through out the week, and realized that one area I needed to work on was evaluating how I viewed my self worth.

I have always struggled with caring about how those close to me viewed me, and I always wanted to set a good example for those in my life. I am a hardcore perfectionist, and I would care so much that if I disappointed someone I would drown myself in the thoughts of me letting someone down for not meeting their standard. I would be so hard on myself about it that it would consume my every thought and I would work even harder trying to meet standards that could not be met. I am extremely blessed to have many people in my life who support me and motivate me, but I always found myself dwelling on disappointing those that I had toxic relationships with.  Even when my healthy relationships outnumbered the bad significantly. When I disappointed others I would question my self worth and who I was, when in reality the only approval I truly needed was from the man upstairs.

It took me till this summer to realize that dwelling on disappointing people who I care about deeply, but may not have my best interest in mind, was setting me further back from being the person I wanted to be. I realized that this person I was striving to be was the person I was all along. I never once was satisfied with my accomplishments, because I always measured them based on how others viewed them instead of how I viewed them. I started to realize that it is not selfish to love yourself enough to not care what other people think. It is not selfish to put yourself first and reflect on how you feel. It is not selfish to be okay with not meeting others standards. It is not selfish to nurture your soul and do what feels right to you.

Once I was able to accept that there is no possible way I can please every single person in my life, I found peace within myself and all of my relationships. I learned to love those who may suppress me, but to not let their opinions weigh me down.  I also learned the importance of slowing down and spending time with yourself. Whether it is taking a bubble bath, treating yourself to a blow out {or a new mumu}, or spending time with the Lord. Because the most important thing that you could do for yourself is to do what feels good for your soul; you will live with yourself longer than anyone else.

Xoxo, Whit