Hey, Y'all!

I am so so excited to be sharing this week's post with you all because I get to partner with a company that has done WONDERS for my health. A couple weeks ago I dished on how much I love HUM Nutrition and while I do absolutely love their supplements, their multivitamin just does not really do it for me. A couple months ago I tried out RITUAL, an everyday multivitamin subscription service. Within the first week, I noticed a difference in my energy, skin, and overall health. I am prone to getting sick when I am stressed {and ya girl here loves taking on as much as possible}. When I was taking this regularly I did not get sick during finals {this is a milestone for me Y'all} and when I fell off the wagon with all things health and fitness once school was over I instantly saw an awful decline in my immune system, energy, and skin. I am so happy to be taking these regularly again and am vowing to share with you all how I am seeing a difference in my energy levels/skin/all that good stuff over on my Instagram {@whitandwit} weekly so that Y'all can see just how great Ritual is! I am urging Y'all to get in the habit of taking a multivitamin. It is so important {really I wished I listened to my mom sooner} and when your body is getting what it needs it will treat you right! I hate getting sick and when I am not taking vitamins actively I am super prone to having to check out a couple of days because I am always on the go.

Okay. Enough of me rambling let's get on to talking about what makes Ritual so great!

Ritual does just what their mission states. The wonderful humans behind this company make feeling great ridiculously simple. I don't know about Y'all, but I want to know what is going into my body.  I also don't want to be googling what the words mean on the ingredient list of what I am consuming but giiiirrrllll don't worry the people at Ritual got you!

All the goodness above is what is in Ritual's multivitamin. Nothing more, nothing less. The simplicity does not stop there though. Here is a run down on what makes Ritual so great!

1. Simple > Take 2 a day. Morning or Night!

2. Convenience > Your vitamins are sent to you every month! If you do not need a refill because maybe you forgot a couple of days, No Worries, you can simply skip a month right from your account! Hassle free!

3. Price > $1 a day! A subscription is $30 a month {and mail day is always super fun!}

4. Branding > Their branding is the bomb.com. Seriously, they give you a cute little sticker to remind you to take your vitamins! 

Want to join the ritual fam? Head on over through the link below and sign up to receive your happy package! Trust me you will not regret it!

Disclaimer: The above link is an affiliate link. So I may be compensated for any purchase that I may have influenced you to check out.