HUM Nutrition

Hey, Y'all!

Today I am sharing my favorite vitamins and supplements! {This should be a post to make my mama proud because she literally asks me if I take my vitamins every day} I started using HUM Nutrition a little over a year ago and let me tell you besides the aesthetically pleasing packaging, I swear this stuff has become my new best friend. I am going to tell you a little about each of their products that I have tried and wrap it up with my top 3!

A Little About The Brand

HUM Nutrition is revolutionizing the beauty nutrition world by connecting people with a free nutritionist to analyze their health needs through the convenience of quick and online service. From their branding to their generous discounts it is hard for any young adult to say no to jumping on the health kick train! {Another +: When your mom calls and asks if you have been taking your vitamins you can proudly say YES!}

My Box This Month

First, let's admire how aesthetically pleasing their packaging is. This month I ordered Daily Cleanse, Ripped Rooster, and Base Control. Daily Cleanse is a favorite of mine it claims (& does) clarify your skin and bodies of toxins. This was a repurchase for me and when I notice a difference in my skin when I am not using it religiously. Ripped Roster is a new one for me. HUM's website notes that this is a fat burning supplement (@Mom just ignore that I bought this). I have not dived into this one yet, but if it does work I will give y'all an update! I also purchased Base Control this month to try to steer myself off of Ritual's {post coming soon about this one} multivitamin. I am about a week into taking this and am not all that impressed. I will probably switch back to Ritual {I was just trying to save some $$$ by switching to HUM}.

What You Have Got To Try

My top three are definitely Flatter Me, Daily Cleanse, and Gut Instinct. Flatter Me is great for bloating! I am someone who suffers from major food baby probs. I eat one meal and no joke look like I could be carrying. Flatter Me really eliminates that problem for me and leaves me feeling great after a big meal. Daily Cleanse is awesome for clearing toxins from the skin and body. My skin has been noticeably brighter and has had fewer breakouts when I actively take this. Gut Instinct is a probiotic and let me tell you this one ROCKS. If you are not sure what probiotics do, I suggest you do a quick little google search to learn all about them!

I also love love love Skinny Bird, but it's another weight loss supplement and I do not want to suggest it to someone who does not need it! However, I personally love it and I feel great after taking it!

Uber Energy is great to replace that morning cup of coffee and is a life saver during crazy test weeks {Hello Midterms and Finals!}

If you do choose to try out HUM you can sign up to receive $10 off and if you buy 3+ items you get additional discounts! Here is my referral code that you can input on their website when looking at all the goodness they offer {Code: FE335}. If you do try it out let me know in the comments below and/or let me know what you would love to try!

Xoxo, Whit