Favorite Beauty Gadgets

Hey, Y'all!

So excited to be sharing my favorite beauty gadgets with you all today! I am a sucker for new technology {especially if it makes getting ready in the morning easier}. I have accumulated quite the collection over MANY years and love each and every one of these products so much I wanted to spill the tea on them. Enjoy!

Simple Human | 8 Inch Sensor Mirror

This is by far one of the best Christmas gifts I was ever given! This mirror has a motion sensor so when your face approaches it lights up {I am realizing how nerdy my excitement over this sounds as I type it out}. The bulbs also never burn out so you just charge it when needed. It's also wireless so that's another gold star in my opinion. All that cool stuff aside though, this mirror shows you EVERYTHING and the light adjusts to give you optimal amount of light so when you leave the house your makeup looks #flawless.

Clarisonic | Mia

So I got this little life saver in high school and still religiously use it! Pretty sure mine is like one of the first Mia's they came out with, but I am sure it is just as effective as the newer ones. I use it about every other night for some extra TLC for my face. I have AWFUL blackheads but this little gem is great at removing dead skin and deep cleaning those pores. Just make sure to regularly change those brush heads, {TIP: You can buy them on Ebay//Amazon WAY CHEAPER saving you some $$$$}

Sonicare | DiamondClean

Another one of my favorite gifts! I promise once you switch to a toothbrush like this, you can never go back. I never understood why people would drop some major $$$$ on a toothbrush but if you want to treat yourself to something nice that you will use every day, this is a purchase you will not regret. {TIP: Just like the Clarisonic brush heads you can buy these on Ebay//Amazon, or my favorite, in bulk from Costco or Sam's!}

T3 | Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe Set

My hair is naturally very coarse and curly, so it takes FOREVER for me to do my hair. These awesome T3 rollers really help extend my blowouts and/or give me literally the same {fresh out of the salon} look. Best part? I am someone who gets ready in 30 minutes or less {Ya girl loves her sleep}. So I just throw these on when I roll out of bed, do my makeup, get dressed, make a mean bowl of oatmeal, and then take these bad girls out. No fuss and no more styling after that!


I hope you all enjoyed this short little blog post! Comment below some of your fave beauty gadgets! 


Xoxo, Whit 

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