Everyday Skincare Routine

Hi, loves!

Skincare is one of my absolute favorite topics to share with others. Ever since I can remember I have always had a love and interest for all things skincare {even though my skin has not always been the best}. I am so excited to share with you all the products that make my skin glow and minimize breakouts. I was never blessed with amazing skin {thanks to genetics} but have been able to conquer my breakouts and hyperpigmentation with these products that I use EVERYDAY. These are my holy grail products, not kidding. Yes, some of them are pricey. Yes, I know not everyone will be willing to splurge on their skin like this. However, since a young age, I have been desperate for clear skin and these products deliver that for me. So let's dive in!

Step 1 | Pre-Cleanse & Make Up Removal | Clinique

Before reaching for my Clarisonic and cleanser I always do a pre-cleanse this insures that I am getting that deep clean to really clear out my pores. I adore the Clinique Take The Day Off Balm! It does an awesome job at breaking down make up {yes even waterproof mascra} and that oil that builds up throughout the day. This balm melts into your skin after applying light circular motions and transforms into a smooth and silky oil. If the thought of applying balm directly to your face scares you, from my experience it is the most effective way in pre-cleansing my skin for a deep clean.

Step 2 | Cleanse | First Aid Beauty + Clarisonic

I mentioned this in my "Favorite Beauty Gadgets" post but I love my Clarisonic! I pair up First Aid Beauty's Face Cleanser + my Clarisonic and VIOLA clean and smooth skin. The cleanser is pretty much as basic as it gets. Its fragrance-free and super gentle. It does its job {aka removes dirt, grime, residue, all that jazz}.

{Honorable Mention} Purity by Philosophy is also an amazing cleanser! I tend to alternate the two. Both are gentle and do exactly what I need! 

Step 3 | Serum | Ole Henrikson

I have recently discovered the goodness of serums! This little baby is packed with vitamin C and it has done WONDERS for my skin. Really, just try it! Go to Sephora and ask for a sample before dishing out your $$$. However, once I added this into my skin care routine my skin has been more bright, plump, and has less hyper pigmentation.

Step 4 | Moisturize | Sunday Riley

I tried samples & samples of this stuff before purchasing because I did not want to bite the bullet on splurging on a moisturizer but I am so happy I DID! I love Sunday Riley's products but they are a bit high for my student budget. However, if I had to recommend one thing this would be it! This stuff delivers! It is thick and creamy, but is not too heavy for the summer heat!

Step 5 | TLC > Eye Care | Shiseido

Even in my early 20s I know it is so so important to nurture every part of my face at an early age. I did research on eye creams {because Mama did not raise no fool} and wanted to get the most bang for my buck. With this cream, a little goes a long way! My under eyes are bright & BONUS no dark circles after a late night of studying!

Step 6 | Spot Treatment | Mario Badescu

Even when I am killing the game with my skin care I do have problem areas. I workout a lot and am a part-time spin instructor. I tend to get breakouts along my hairline from sweating during a workout but I just pop some of this on and whatever problem area I had is literally gone if not the next day then the following day.

Step 7 | Toner Water | Mario Badescu 

I love toner water! I am a toner water junky. I spray it on myself when I wake up, as a makeup setter, throughout the day as a pick me up, etc. Mario Badescu is very inexpensive and this gem is so refreshing! Especially with how hot it has been, it's awesome to use on sunburns and what not!

{Honorable Mention} LUSH Tea Tree Toner is great to spray on before and after the gym! Tea Tree is a natural antibacterial killer so this is my go to in between spin and class!

I tend to add a face mask in there about every other night but I will have a roundup of all those goodies for you all soon {I am a face mask fanatic}! Comment below your holy grail skincare products or if you have tried any of these items before!

Xoxo, Whit