How to Transform Your Sundays Into "Slaydays"

Ah Sundays the "Day of Rest," typing that phrase actually made me laugh to myself. What if I told you that you could make your whole week so much easier if you just took a few hours on Sunday to set yourself up for success for the whole week. I'm not a magician and I'm not claiming that Monday morning you are going to magically wake up in song with some bird helping you get ready, but I promise this will make a difference towards approaching that midweek burnout feeling. 

1. errands errands errands

I normally start my Sunday's hungover by going grocery shopping, paying bills, or completing any personal life errands that I normally don't have time for Monday - Friday. Getting these errands done normally make me feel super productive and I don't have any of those "to-do's" hanging over my head for the week.

BONUS: TREAT yo' Self along the way

Every week when I go grocery shopping, I love buying myself fresh flowers for the week. Sounds trivial, but only a crazy person can be upset while staring at sunflowers. Maybe you like getting yourself a nice latte before running errands or snagging a pint of ice cream at the grocery store, whatever it is, do something small to make yourself smile!

2. plan your meals for the whole week

I promise that the future tired and hangry you {and your bank account} will thank you for meal prepping. Every Sunday, I make a few of my favorite simple and healthy meals in bulk and portion them out into these super glamorous {sarcasm if you can't translate that over text} containers. I typically meal prep for both lunch and dinner, but if you are new to the whole concept of meal prepping try prepping just for the meal you either dread the most preparing or that you find yourself spending way too much of your hard earned $$$ on.

3. Tidy up ya' filthy animal

After running errands, unpacking groceries, and meal prepping, I normally start tidying up like your mom when she hears company is coming over. I am a sucker for clean sheets and I am unproductive when I am surrounded by clutter, so I love to tidy up on Sunday's. Take advantage of the time you normally spend laying on your couch while laundry is getting washed, and tidy up your surroundings!

4. Plan your week

So now you are probably thinking that I am crazy because I am trying to convince you to run your errands, meal prep for the week, clean your space, AND plan your week. Now I'm not suggesting that you should post up at your desk and whip out all your work materials, but it is never a bad idea to map out your action items and workout times for the week.

5. kick back in relax {or have a glass of wine}

Light a candle, pour yourself a glass of wine, have dinner with a friend, or binge watch your favorite show on Netflix {@theoffice i love you forever and always #basic} its Sunday so practice some self love and kick back and unwind!


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