5 Tips To Become Insanely Productive

Hey, Y’all!

Today I am sharing my top 5 tips that encourage me to be as productive as possible each and every day! I am a full time student that balances 2 leadership positions + Internship + Fitness Instructing + Blogging + studying for the GMAT {and CAPM}. I take a lot on every day but that’s the atmosphere I thrive in. However, I think anyone can do it with a little bit of help and guidance on how to properly time manage and stay motivated. I am so excited to be sharing these tips with you all because they truly are impactful! 


One // Work Work Work {OUT}
This is my number one tip! I tend to workout around 6:30 AM – 7:00 AM before I get my day started. This is when I find myself most productive because I do not crawl back to bed afterward. Instead, I eat a healthy breakfast and get ready for my day! I know some of you may be like, but Whit I have a problem hitting snooze and being motivated in the morning to workout. I normally schedule a spin class at this time {well and teach spin class at this time}! Scheduling a class holds you more accountable because you either dished out some $ or am taking a spot someone else can have. I also love working out in the morning because it gives me some time to myself before starting my day.

Two // Tidy Up
This works in conjunction with my tip above but when I make my bed I am even more unlikely to crawl back in {and I love the look of a tidy room}. When your room feels tidy you automatically feel more put together. So straighten it up!

Three // Jot It Down
I plan out EVERYTHING. Literally. Absolutely. Everything. My planner is my best friend. Every week I write down my goals for that week and what I want to get accomplished for each day. I even pencil in the days I am going to the grocery store. I write down the time I am going to work out, when I am eating, when I have downtime with friends, etc. This keeps me on track and does not allow me to get sidetracked. There is also something extremely satisfying about checking something off of your "to-do" list.

Four // No Procrastinating
If my classmates are reading this they know I practice this to the extreme. I am always the girl who has a project or paper done WEEKS in advance. Doing this allows me to perfect something before it is due and avoid sloppy work. Doing your work beforehand is so fulfilling because you always have a sense of preparedness. 

Five // Catch Them Z's + Treat Yo Self
My last tip is one of the most important and that’s getting in those z’s. Sleep is so so important {and most college students and fellow girl bosses lack in getting a healthy amount in}. Aside from sleep though, I always take the time to pamper myself before hitting my pillow. Face masks and bubble baths are my favorite. I try to treat myself to one every night. It is so important to slow down after a productive day and take the time to clear your mind.

What are some of your habits on staying productive? Comment your #1 tip below!

Now go out there and kick some butt!

I believe in you.

Xoxo, Whit

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