5 Things You Should Be Doing To Conquer Your Workday

Alright, we have all been there, it's Wednesday afternoon, and you are pulling your hair at the sight of your overbooked Google Calendar and overflowing to-do list. You then begin dreaming about next week and give yourself a pep talk about how next week will be more "laid-back," and you will have "more free time." Then Monday comes around, and you are slammed for the whole week again. Sound familiar? If you are feeling like you have not been performing your best lately and could maybe use some help in the realm of productivity here are a few tips and tricks to help set your workday up for success! 


1. Organize Your To-Do List

Start your morning by prioritizing your tasks for the day.. 5 of my favorite rules for prioritizing tasks are from productivity expert Laura Vanderkam. Ask yourself : Does it take a step toward a big professional goal? Does your boss say it’s a top priority? Does it make you money? Does it lighten your mental load? Can it only be done today?  Once you have your list its time to be honest with yourself and create specific, measurable tasks that can help you cross off each item on your list!

2. SCAN your inbox

Believe it or not, answering emails in the morning may not be the most productive task to do in the morning. I know everyone has mixed opinions on this. However, I personally find myself spending way too much time doing trivial tasks when I do this when I could be spending time executing that energy elsewhere. You may find yourself doing small bits and bobs answering emails, but you are not getting anything substantial done. Instead, scan your inbox to see if anything will keep you from performing what is of top priority for the day so you can spend your time and energy working towards your main action items when you have the most energy.

3. Check in with your colleagues

It may seem small, but it can do wonders for your mood. Telling someone "Good Morning" or wishing them good luck in their meetings for the day will kick off your day in a good mood and will help you build a relationship with your colleagues.

4. take some "Me" Time

Before kicking off your day try taking a moment to do something you really like to do or something that makes you feel good! Before a hectic day try working out, reading, meditating, listening to your favorite podcasts, or making yourself a good breakfast. Taking some time for yourself before diving into work will make a world of a difference in your mood for the day.


First and foremost knock out the task you are a dreading the most {which is normally the most important one}. Once you get that task out of the way, you can approach your whole day knowing that the worst is behind you, or as Mark Twain would say "eating the {your} frog."


|| Article inspired by Elana Lyn Gross ||

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