I’m Whitney – Your everyday college student with a vast amount of knowledge in all things you wish your high school teachers would have taught you before entering the college world.

Throughout my college career, I have watched so many people my age make unwise money decisions {I mean we can’t afford much already right?}, cringe worthy career mistakes {Did you really mean to post that?}, and nearly pull their hair out trying to balance sleep/exercise/studying/work/the bachelor/texting the cutie in your organic chem class. However what shocked me the most were a number of people who are close to my heart who were doubting their abilities to succeed and take full reign of their personal and professional life.

I want to serve as a guiding hand, a friend, and a mentor on a personal level with other young women who want to start their journey for a better life and start building their future.

Now you may be thinking,"Uh, Whit… You are 22 … what in the world do you know?” Growing up I was not always handed golden opportunities {heck, not all of us are!} but through the help of amazing mentors, prayer, and lots of jobs I learned a lot about myself along the way and learned how to coach myself. I want to share this with you because if I did it, so can you!

So lets chat! It can be about identifying your goals, resume enhancement, personal branding, or even if you want to know where to find a life changing latte. We can begin your new journey together at the click of a button.


-Personal Consulting

-Goal Setting

-Time Management

-Resume Enhancement

-Personal Branding

-Young Adult Budgeting


I’m Whitney, an Industrial Engineering major based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When I’m not slaving away in Club Mid {Geaux Tigers} you can most likely find me enjoying a honey latte at magpie, teaching a spin class, or searching for an inspirational article on Linked In. I suffer from wanting to do absolutely everything and always worrying about the future, but hey I am only 22, right? 

I started this blog to reach out to students who do not know what “401K” and “business casual” mean. I  want to lend a helping hand and some tips to others while I am still figuring out my twenties!

Welcome to Whit&Wit!